GoFit Systems Solves the Business of Wellness with it's Total Wellness Solution

More so today than ever, the concept of “wellness” has transformed into big business. Whether the focus is on personal fitness, corporate wellness or the more generally well-known area of commercial wellness, wellness itself has become a key consideration, with many more considerations than ever before. But creating the ideal wellness facility is not always an easy task. While many corporations recognize the need for employee fitness facilities and programs, their focus is understandably diverted by the need to succeed in their day-to-day business operations.

In the past, wellness consulting was a very segmented area of business, with different companies handling different aspects of fitness including design and construction, general consulting, staff management, equipment purchase and class development. GoFit Systems is a full service company that focuses on all aspects of fitness, doing business as “leaders in the business of fitness.”

GoFit Systems works with clients across the country on everything from facility design and construction to operations and staff management. The company works with large client accounts on full development programs, smaller groups and existing wellness centers on on-site fitness and exercise classes, and even individuals in all aspects of personal training.

GoFit Systems can work with corporations together with preferred/appointed designers and architects or take the lead on a full facility design and construction project. It can also secure anything from new equipment to full staffing for new or existing facilities, and works with a wide range of facilities including residential buildings and complexes, corporate facilities, hotels and other hospitality facilities, commercial fitness centers, sport and country clubs, architects and interior designers, and real estate management/development.

Supporting its claim to be all about “the business of wellness,” GoFit Systems focuses its attention on all aspects of wellness including staffing & management consulting and support, equipment purchase, corporate health and wellness, facility layout and design consulting, class development, personal training, and full-service marketing support (advertising to web development).

The company’s objective is to eliminate the guesswork from the business of wellness by working under a variety of scenarios – whether an existing commercial facility’s layout or staff requires a rethink, a corporate facility needs to be designed and constructed, a fitness class program or series of private training sessions needs to be created and staffed, or a facility’s patronage requires a boost through promotions and marketing.