On-Site Wellness Retention Program

New York City developers and building management companies are always looking for innovative products and services to compliment their residents amenity programs, while of course differentiating from the competition. Well, if you live in New York City then you know the word, convenience, means everything. Take for example, companies such as Fresh Direct and Soap.com understands the importance of on-site service or better yet, convenience and are able to provide that usability service that help saves time.
Well, guess what? GoFit Systems does just the same, but in the area of wellness. We understand that not everyone has the privileged-time to run to the gym after work and then run back. Well, this is where our service comes to live as we specialize in working with both developers and property management companies to offer them what we refer as our successful RESIDENT’S RETENTION AND ACQUISITION PROGRAM, a specialized fitness program which offers developers and property managers comprehensive advice and solutions related to every aspect of your fitness facility and program planning. This new state-of-the-art program provides an essential and valuable tool for property managers to:

• Retain their existing tenants and attract new ones
• Increase the overall value of their property by
enabling you to improve current tenant offerings
• Boost tenant loyalty and quality of life with an
efficiently run fitness facility

Our approach toward on-site wellness service is certainly a service residents have come to appreciate. The earlier problem has been where a building would round up a state-of-the-art fitness center and no one would really use it. Why? Well, the problem there was that the residents needed guidance and motivation in order to get acclimated on using the designated fitness room. Even sometimes people are just too intimidated by equipments they’re not familiar with.

But how does GoFit Systems service work? Well, the answer is simple; we work with the top, accredited wellness professions in the industry to provide a safe, interactive fitness and wellness programs that engage the residents. At GFS, we have a tag line of being in ‘the business of wellness.’’ What that basically means is that we’re able to tackle on all wellness related matters.