Creating True Strength

The entire fitness world wants to get strong.  Extra reps, heavier weights, and downing protein are practiced religiously in order to increase the amount of strength we possess.  But is it enough?  Is this true strength?  

The definition of strength is the quality or state of being strong.  It's considered by all to be a beneficial attribute to possess.  But how?  

Fitness experts agree that cultivating mental stability is the key to creating overall strength within the mind and throughout the body.  Once the mind is controlled, the body is easy to conquer.  Below are five key traits that have been identified as both logical and strategic steps to creating true mental strength.

Create a clear vision

Understand and visualize the shortest path to long term goals.  Creating long lasting physical strength is not an accident, but rather a well thought of plan executed to precision.  Be specific and detailed.  Whether your goal is to workout everyday in a month, or go a week without consuming processed or packaged foods, understand exactly how to reach the physical goals needed for personal satisfaction.  

Celebrate small victories

The road to physical fitness is paved with fatigued muscles, sweat, and seemingly impossible challenges.  Celebrating even the smallest of victories is imperative to staying on course!  It could be as simple as acknowledging your ability to hold a plank five seconds longer or skipping a tempting but unhealthy food option.  Try to smile as often as possible at a job well done.

Develop positive habits

Habits are hard to break.  Bad patterns form and thus harm follows.  In order to break the cycle of negativity, new thought patterns are needed to replace the old.  Thoughts turn into actions.  Creating a positive thought processes allows habitual bad patterns to become more distant and less familiar.  


Developing a consistent meditation practice is one the fastest, and arguably most important ways to develop mental strength.  If the destination is mental strength, mediation is the vehicle to get there.  Meditation is a precise technique for resting the mind and attaining a state of peaceful and undisturbed consciousness.  With a regular meditation practice, discomfort becomes increasing tolerable because there is forever an avenue to a serene place within.

Reflect on your progress with a state of gratitude

Gratitude is a key to lasting happiness.  Having the ability to find gratitude, appreciation, and thankfulness is an acknowledgment of the benefit that one has or will receive.  Reflecting on progress through an untainted lens of appreciation allows one to see both the prize and process of the journey to unconquerable mental strength as a undeniable gift.